The Report a Webpage Problem Internet Explorer Add-on appears as a toolbar button and a “Report a Webpage Problem...” item on the Tools menu.

When the toolbar button is clicked or the menu item is chosen, the control takes a screenshot of the web page currently being viewed. A new tab is then opened containing a report submission form. A scaled down version of the screenshot will be visible at the bottom, and the user has a choice of whether or not to include the full-sized screenshot (choosing No to the “Include Screenshot?” question means no screenshot will be sent).

On the report submission page, the user also has the option to select a category best representing their observed problem. This category selection will be part of the report information returned to Microsoft.

A 1000 character limit comment field is provided, if the user chooses to include some description of the problem.

Additional data included in the report:
  • The protocol type (http, res, file, etc.) of the URL being reported.
  • The complete URL.
  • A numerical value representing the Document mode.
  • For more information about what data is sent and how it is used, see the Privacy Statement

Please visit the Internet Explorer Newsgroup to enter bug reports, comments, and suggestions.


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